• To My Beautiful Customers May 18, 2020

    To my Beautiful Customers,

    Another month, another day, another note!   My last letter was on April 22nd, today is May 18th.  The Pause has taken way longer than any of us had anticipated. 

    Boredom has settled in.  I am no longer trying new recipes. Those exercise YouTube videos are tuned out and that lingering smell of banana bread that radiated though my house has started to fade.  Still these past 2 months in 2020 have been a reboot. We have had a collective experience not just as New Yorkers, but as global citizens. The world suddenly became that much smaller. Think of View from my Window on your Facebook feed.  These are personal snapshots taken from a window from somewhere…anywhere. I love seeing these shots not just because they are beautiful but because they are unifying.  This is who we are as humans … sharing and seeking ways to connect.

    As we make plans to reopen the stories of outreach and sacrifice have inspired us to bring out the best in ourselves as we move forward into our Post-Corona world.

     I will of course keep you posted on our reopening so please do stay tuned. We will strictly follow all State guidelines so we can create a safe and happy shopping experience for all!

     Stay safe and healthy my friends!

    With Love,