• Reflections 2020

    2020 changed us. Most of us had never lived through a pandemic, In fact we barely knew what it meant. It took us a while to adjust. We had felt invincible for far too long. Familiar Sound bites like - it’s no worse than the flu; It’s just another virus; it’s seasonal, it’ll be over soon - were persuasive and pervasive.

     Eventually it sank in. Our world had made a shift. We adjusted. We slowly came to terms with our vulnerabilities. There was no quick fix. People were dying -the elderly and the compromised. But there were young and healthy victims too. The virus was an anathema. We solve puzzles using logic and yet this one evaded us for a long time. Fortunately, things changed toward the end of 2020. Our super-human scientists solved the riddle and help is on its way. We are going forward with much hope.
    But we have lost our innocence, our naïveté. With our vulnerabilities and fallibilities exposed we have experienced a collective trauma. And yet with trauma comes healing. We need to emerge from this not just with compassion and gratitude but with awareness and a sense of responsibility. Responsibility not just for those in our immediate pod but for those strangers we don’t know - Our fellow humans. By simply wearing our masks and taking the vaccine we protect those we will never know. We must pay it forward. We are the lucky ones. We survived the pandemic of 2020 and we need to give back. Embrace that feeling and you will be a part of our better angels.
    So while the pandemic has stifled us and taken away it has given us a sense of collectiveness, a feeling of connection -of being a small part of a whole. It has given us the opportunity to give back, to contribute.  We are all responsible for keeping the pandemic at bay, the healthcare workers and scientists cannot do it alone They need us to carry them forward. It’s a unique and privileged partnership.
    So as I write this on my birthday of 2020 – this year has been about the gift of giving. It’s not just the thought but rather it’s the action. And that my friends has been the incredible experience of 2020!
  • To all my Beautiful Customers November 26, 2020

    To all my Beautiful Customers November 26, 2020

    To all my Beautiful Customers,

    This is my fourth letter to you. The first was in March as we went into Lockdown. It was life changing to put the breaks on everything but it gave me moments of deep reflection that I am grateful for. My subsequent letters to you came later as we headed into the summer and started emerging from our homes. Our store opened up again and we welcomed you all back with masks and sanitizers. And how great you have all been! It’s been fantastic to reconnect and share our stories. Some of your experiences have been deeply heartbreaking, but some have been uplifting and have brought hope and wonderment into this dark period.

    We are moving now into what feels like uncertain times again. We will continue to be extra vigilant in our store and follow the CDC guidelines. I am writing this letter to you from a small Airbnb in Israel. I am alone and have been under strict quarantine. This is a hard shutdown. I am unable to leave the apartment. Food is delivered to my doorstep and there is no person – to--person contact. As most of you know I grew up outside the USA. I have been fortunate to have forged deep connections in the US. My 3 children were born there and New York feels like home. Still, my parents live in Israel and being far away from them comes at a cost. My mom’s health has been challenging and Covid has magnified this. I am grateful that I was able to make this trip to see her even with these Covid restrictions. As a mother, a daughter and small business owner I try my best to balance these responsibilities and I am blessed to be able to do so.

    I share all this because my relationship with you is personal. We live in a world filled with a multitude of choices and I am so thankful for your continued support. We have survived this time because of you.  Thanksgiving is a time for reflection, contemplation and of course gratitude. This year it feels both poignant and hopeful at the same time. We see better times on the horizon, yet some difficult days ahead.

    Our store is open 7 days a week now that the Holidays are approaching and of course we are always available to help our online shoppers. Stay safe, vigilant and on course! 

    Wishing you all a beautiful Thanksgiving! 



  • To My Beautiful Customers May 18, 2020

    To my Beautiful Customers,

    Another month, another day, another note!   My last letter was on April 22nd, today is May 18th.  The Pause has taken way longer than any of us had anticipated. 

    Boredom has settled in.  I am no longer trying new recipes. Those exercise YouTube videos are tuned out and that lingering smell of banana bread that radiated though my house has started to fade.  Still these past 2 months in 2020 have been a reboot. We have had a collective experience not just as New Yorkers, but as global citizens. The world suddenly became that much smaller. Think of View from my Window on your Facebook feed.  These are personal snapshots taken from a window from somewhere…anywhere. I love seeing these shots not just because they are beautiful but because they are unifying.  This is who we are as humans … sharing and seeking ways to connect.

    As we make plans to reopen the stories of outreach and sacrifice have inspired us to bring out the best in ourselves as we move forward into our Post-Corona world.

     I will of course keep you posted on our reopening so please do stay tuned. We will strictly follow all State guidelines so we can create a safe and happy shopping experience for all!

     Stay safe and healthy my friends!

    With Love,


  • To My Beautiful Customers March 26, 2020

    To my beautiful customers,

    I write this from my laptop on my bed.  Its March 26 ,10 am    Normally at this time I would either be in my studio designing with my team or checking in at my store in Wheatley Plaza.  But not today…not yesterday and not tomorrow.  It’s been over a week since the shut down in New York and life has changed.     The first few days were a whirlwind.   I had the cable news channels blasting pretty much 24/7  and yes I would fall asleep with the TV on and wake up in the early hours of the morning reaching for my phone to check if this virus had miraculously disappeared and that this was all a bad dream   But this was not to be the case.  Here in NY the curve is only getting worse and we seem to be still on the incline…wearily climbing up.  Sadly, they are saying that the rest of the country is climbing too.     I listen to my governor religiously at 11 am daily … hopeful and grateful that I am surrounded by my family and that thus far we are safe and healthy.

    Yes, I am hopeful.  This will eventually pass.  We are always in constant movement and nothing stays the same.   I am grateful to see humanity at its best.   Our healthcare workers are our heroes and I am simply in awe as I listen to their stories and sacrifices on the front line. We will emerge from this with gratitude and a sense of wonderment in everything we previously took for granted.  So, my friends stay thankful and grateful and most of all safe and healthy

     I am thinking of all of you!